NEW: gasholder 480 l.

“Balcity” LLC, with its experience and traditions in development, production and exploitation of LPG tanks for motor vehicles (propane, butane and mixtures thereof), maintains the leading position on the Russian market.

The company possesses the relevant permit of RosTekhNadzor of the Russian Federation and the certificates of conformity for its products, which enables “Balcity” to supply customers with 60 various models of tanks for motor vehicles – cylindrical, twin and toroidal, with capacity ranging from 30 to 220 liters.

Twin tanks are the intellectual property of the company, patent No. 36648 registered in the state register of the Russian Federation of useful models of 20th March 2004. Twin tanks comprised of two tanks with the overall capacity of 85 to 100 liters are produced for the passenger model of the motor vehicle “Gazel’ ”. They are normally installed on vehicle without removal of the fuel tank.

The efficient mix of qualified technical staff and advanced equipment contributed to our pioneering in Russia in developing, testing and producing toroidal LPG tanks for motor vehicles.

Quality and safety requirements both of the domestic and foreign markets encourage our putting special emphasis on training of technicians of all levels, on upgrade of equipment, usage of the latest welding technology in shielding gas atmosphere, of paint coating with the powder spraying technology, etc.

The “Balcity” production, based on the modern technological standards and subjected to numerous tests and 100% control (X-ray, hydraulic and pneumatic), is in high demand.

Currently "Balcity" is facilitating certification of its products in conformity with the ECE UN 67-01 rules.

Our key objectives at the moment are as follows: enhancing production volumes and expanding the model range keeping up with the high quality standards.